Baby Healthy Living

Letting go

The other night we had friends over for dinner.

Now baby is sleeping well we can entertain! Thank goodness for this.

The thing that crossed my mind though, while sitting there all cosy on this cold winter night,  was I’m literally in my comfy track pants and my trusty woolen jumper – looking like a right scruff.. have I let myself go?

It got me thinking that there is such a stigma around women who become Mums and how they present themselves once motherhood has set in. Yes I still take pride in my appearance but perhaps it’s just not so important. Perhaps having a healthy bubba on my hip in the supermarket is more important to me than if I’m looking classy myself. Sure there is a self-pride in feeling that you’ve got your tidy rags on, healthy glossy hair and the all natural beauty sorted but some days are just not going to be like that. And it’s okay.

So if on this cosy winters night I may not look fabulous, but I’ve a happy baby peacefully sleeping and I’m choosing to take this over spending time getting glam.

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