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Summer Fashion for Mums

BB68478E-3036-4B32-AFB5-0BC13F51F9D4What we decide to wear is so dependant on season, trends, fabrics and personal style.

Then there’s a whole added complication of the occasion – is it work wear, sports gear or are you going to a cocktail party?

I love feeling good in what I’m wearing.

Add in some time to pick out an outfit and a good wardrobe an anyone can look and feel a million dollars.

Remove the time component, getting out of the house onetime, with a baby in tow and you’ve got yourself a whole set of new priorities. Add sleep deprivation to the mix, a lack of time to do makeup, falling out brittle hair (from breastfeeding) yada yada, — and let’s just accept it – your basically doomed. If you get to where you want to go, that is your success. What you look like, hell let’s not even go there.

So here’s the thing, how are mums and mums to be meant to look good. You’ve got a heavy body that doesn’t fit anything when you’re pregnant and a different set of circumstances to contend to when you’ve got the baby.

What do other mothers do to make themselves feel good when they leave the house?


3 thoughts on “Summer Fashion for Mums

  1. Oh, I remember those days. Sometimes I didn’t even want to go out I was so tired but eventually I started feeling better and wearing clothes that made me feel good. Important thing is to be comfortable in yourself.

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