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Remembering Yoga

B4A84098-D426-44F2-8A9D-00EAC4175469.jpegFor anyone that’s had a baby this year I’m sure you can relate to the struggle with getting back into shape, while also meeting the demands of your little one.

While being in a good shape is important I think feeling healthy inside is what really counts. Personally, I find it so hard to stay tuned in to the needs of my body when I’m so focused on the well-being of my baby girl.

It’s so easy to forget the benefits of simply taking a moment to focus on your breathing.

I love yoga because I always feel so calm and wholesome when I’ve done a practice. You can so easily tailor the stretches and breathing postures to meet your needs, whether you want to have a sense of calm, feel stretched or to focus on muscle tone.

Since having my baby girl, if I get time for fitness and focussing on my own health, I have turned to cardio. It’s fast and effective.

I had completely forgotten yoga.

Today at one of my Mumma & Baby classes we were lucky enough to have a professional yoga teacher come in and talk us through the basics. How refreshing!

It only took us 20 mins for the postures and then a quick relaxation after. Wow, the muscles that I’d forgotten about were so incredibly tight, my flexibility has gone out the window and my ability to maintain a pose was basically crap. I was so surprised to realise with the simple basic postures we were doing, just how tight and tense my whole body has become.

Cardio is great, I love it. But if I realise if I want to maintain a toned body in my older years – practicing yoga again is a must.

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