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Playing Mum and being business savvy

It’s such an identity shift becoming a Mum. Suddenly all those little things that you’ve identified with as your responsibilities that make up your role in the world temporarily don’t exist anymore.

Your whole focus changes to 24/7 care of this little creature.  Suddenly you’re not this savvy business woman able to wip up a document or attend an important business meeting, planning your career and aspiring to make your fortune.

You’ve a new boss and you’re on call all the time day or night. It’s not about your opinions or your ideas. From a superficial perspective, the daily wins seem insignificant and hardly worth a story over the dinner table.

Pooh, crying, feeding, singing, sleeping – it’s not exactly stimulating conversation.

Don’t get me wrong, now I’m getting familiar with this role I have such immense joy in these little wins and can see my little girl blossoming every day… I wouldn’t trade these duties for a moment. It is just, well different.

I’m at a cross-roads, the business mind I have simply needs to adapt and take a backseat over the primary responsibility of motherhood.

What I want to know, is how to combine and prioritise being an amazing Mum while also bringing in an income and getting some enjoyment out of what I do.

How do you other Mummas do this?

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