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Summer time needs

This ice block is just the bees knees!

I feel I deserve a treat every now and then when I’m breastfeeding and it’s hot and I’m tired.. need I go on!

It’s hard when you’ve little energy to find something that’s not too high in sugar yet is enough to refresh and restart you!

In summer ice blocks are one of my favourite go toos. When we were growing up we used to have boxes of frozen juices tucked away in the freezer. What a treat. We would suck on that frozen little bag of juice until retrieving the very last drops requires a head tilt and and an extra squeeze. In those days juice was considered healthy. However looking at the 30gms sugar probably doesn’t suggest a health kick with today’s knowledge.

You can imagine my delight when I found these delectable frozen treats at Farrow.

They’re called Smooze. Their base is coconut milk and it’s 100% natural. They’re packed into a nice little sized treat so it’s not a calorie overload.

The taste of these little treats though, it’s creamy, it’s fresh. It’s divine!

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