Multi-tasking Mumma

I just got back into the vibe of blogging. Writing and reading other people’s stories. How nice to share and know you’re not alone in this motherhood gig.

Some days I’m winning and other days I really can’t be bothered doing anything other than what I need to. However, what you need to do as a mother to a new baby is actually in itself a full-time job. There’s the demands that come out of nowhere that need to be addressed, there’s the nappies, there’s the feeding, there’s the sleeping, there’s the tummy time, there’s the entertainment, there’s the safety, there’s the new body double that you need to cart with you when ever you go out.. the list goes on.

Trying to get other ‘normal’ stuff done is sometimes just out of the question. I’m talking cooking dinner, washing, or cleaning. Not even anything out of the ordinary. Yet somehow, we truck on and we do it. Most of the time.

Are there any other SHM out there that find purpose in other ways than motherhood and chores? What do you do with your time besides see it vanish before you get a chance to fit anything in that you’d planned to do 😉


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