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Little moments

It’s really crazy this motherhood gig and how different it is to a real job, for one it is 24/7 and you don’t have anyone saying thank you or paying you! Yet you’re on call for when ever, where ever.. and you adapt.

I’m amazed at how moments can blend into 30 minutes or an hour of just gazing at my baby girl while making cooing noises back and fourth. Sometimes I feel I’m just in a stand still and then the day will pass me by. Such a contrast to the fast paced corporate world.

Especially when I realise I’m able to now see the wins, which in a previous life I would’ve thought someone crazy. Can simply putting the washing out and getting dinner prepared really be counted as #winning? What are we living in a snails paced world? When did this actually become my reality, or standards?

Before motherhood I was definitely not used to this pace. A few months ago I was still living in superwomen mode and beating myself up if I hadn’t managed three outings a day, prepared dinner and cleaned the house.

I’m still not sure I’m there yet in honesty. However I am learning to listen to all the mothers who’ve done this gig before me, ‘the washing really can wait’, thinking up my next dream career move also can wait.

These precious moments of now with the little smiles, gentle hands playing with my face and gurgling noises are really worth enjoying.

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