Baby · Sleep

So long

I’ve been thinking about coming back to write a blog for so long now. I look through the other blogs I wrote early on when I’d first had my baby girl and evidence has it now that time does just fly.

In reflection of the experiences I was having back then with a bit of hindsight now it turns out that there are still good and bad days.. sleep deprivation still happens and sometimes being a mum is just plain boring.

There’s the little joys though that come with time. The smiles and the noises and the connection when my little girl gazes into my eyes not wanting anything more than the comfort and love from me.

Seeing her grow and start to have her own character really is so special. Watching her play with her Daddy and combust with laughter warms my heart.

Yep, it’s a tough gig but I wouldn’t change my little family for anything.


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