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I started writing this title last week.. and it really was a big topic for me during those days. I was adamant to find my purpose – other than being a Mum. I spent days writing lists and trying to think of things that defined me, things that I got joy from such as yoga, writing, photography and painting.. what did I stand for? ..what are my interests? ya da ya da.

It’s so odd that I reflect a week later on this and I’m slowly getting appreciation for this time in my life right now. I took a breath and realised there’s no point in panicking just because I felt like motherhood has taken over my whole being. Motherhood has in fact taken up most of my time – but I realise this is just for a very short period in my life that it will be so full on and that I should cherish it.

The funny thing is also that as soon as I relaxed and stepped back from searching for what else I had on in my life I was able to see that in fact I have a huge amount of hobbies and things I love. It’s just at the moment it’s really difficult to squeeze these things in. The day does just go by and often I’m sleep deprived. If we can feed, sleep and keep a tidy house while also getting out on a daily basis for something social and a walk then this is probably good enough for now.

I just need to work on being calm and enjoying the moment I think.

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