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I started writing this title last week..and rather than trashing it I want to rant. Hear me out.  Purpose was, and actually still is  it a big topic on those long, sleep deprived, days. I was adamant to find my purpose – other than being a Mum. I spent days writing lists and trying to think of things that defined me, things that I got joy from such as yoga, writing, photography and painting.. what did I stand for? ..what are my interests? ya da ya da. I’ve now, thank goodness, developed a big more insight that being a mum is actually a rather important purpose in itself. I’m raising a little human, keeping her healthy and happy. This is not something that simply takes a few hours a day as if it was an afterwork hobby. No, no, this is one important and incredibly tiring yet rewarding job/purpose.

I’m not sure when it was but at some stage in this little old journey I took a breath and realised what I had right here, right now was everything. My family, my lovely husband, my daughter.

Motherhood takes up nearly all my time – but I realise this is just for a very short period in my life. It’s a phase and I should sit back, enjoy the ride, and give it my best so our little girl can grow up to have her own wonderful visions of purpose.

The funny thing is also that as soon as I relaxed and stepped back from searching for what else I had on in my life I was able to see that, in fact, I have a huge amount of hobbies and things I love. It’s just at the moment it’s really difficult to squeeze these things in. The day does just go by and often I am sleep deprived so if I can be a good mum it’s actually a win. If we can feed, sleep and keep a tidy house while also getting out on a daily basis for something social and a walk then this is good enough for now. I’d call that a purpose.


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