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Baby’s have their own rules

I can’t help but ask the question why my little baby finds it so difficult to sleep when other mums seem to be fine. I mean we’re all sleep deprived to some degree but I find that we’re lagging particularly far behind.

It’s not uncommon to be waking every hour during the night to feed, nappy change and then settle (which takes another hour in itself).

If we get three hours in a row it is a worthy fist pump. In face I feel revitalised.

I’ve tried swaddling, dummy sucking, medications, rocking, swinging in the hammock, bathing before bed, changing into pyjamas, walking, singing, laying together.. it’s all just attempts but never does the trick. If I hear advice one more time about what to do and why she’s not sleeping I think I’ll lose it.

I just want someone to come along, hold her for a moment and be the baby whisperer.

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