Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes

The day before our wedding I found out I had gestational diabetes.

I was devastated. I’d been eating so healthy and doing fitness, how could this be.

Two weeks after our wedding I found out I was required to take insulin 4 times a day.

This was such an added challenge to pregnancy. I had to watch everything I ate. No sugar and even small portions. I had no energy and I had to grow this precious little baby.

I now sit here with this gorgeous bundle sprawled across my chest. She’s here. She’s healthy.  I made it.

Now my challenge is breast feeding and the constant hunger that comes with it bundled with the package of exhaustion from no sleep. I look back on my pregnancy and wonder how I simply had so much self control not to eat sugar and to keep to a healthy diet – and I feel blessed, knowing that I was able to do it then means I can surely continue to do it now.

Gestational Diabetes was a right pain at the time but in reflection it taught me I could cut sugar and survive.


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