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All in a day

It’s not the typical day you’d have at the office when you’re a mum, and I say this when I’m only a mum of one – for those mamma’s with more than one darling to feed I take my hat off to you. Some days you nail it and other days you just don’t. You’ve no control of your routine and your new boss doesn’t even know what they want.

The day can go oh so quickly. Sometimes I get plenty done and other times I get absolutely nothing done. Today we did lots and I’m proud of that, it means there’s still hope for a functional life, again, at some stage, when ever that may be.

We made it to a new coffee group today, I didn’t enjoy it as much as my established one. However, we went along – meeting new Mum’s is kind of like speed dating for friendships.. you suss out the age of their baby, where they live (travel distance means time and more coordination) what they do (a bit judgemental I know) and their basic parenting philosophy.

We visited my sister and saw her new house. It’s beautiful and large and has so much potential for renovations. Her daughter has taken on the role of big cousin and is delighted by the baby with her favourite quote “look at the baby, look at the baby” and my favourite “my mummy feed me boobie too”. It seems like yesterday she was the size of my little baby now.

And after our day of social visits we drove home, where feeling rather in control of how well things had gone, and slightly indulging myself with self-praise,  I thought it rather a great idea to have this peaceful moment in time and pop into the grocery shop. As I smoothly transitioned the car into the turning lane, parked at the lights and smiled to myself (you got this).. my baby starting screaming blue murder. Screaming so hard my ears hurt, screaming so hard I didn’t know where the next place was safe to stop and park up.

Here’s to say my oh so exciting errands did not happen and I now begin to realise that the simplest things in life that I took for granted have been taken away from me. Stolen. Not even possible.

A day with a baby can be so many great things filled with so many amazing moments. It can also be really shi*, and really unpredictable.

What I find the hardest is accepting that I’ve no control over things anymore, planning is minimal and execution is likely poor. Having patience and going with the flow is something I’ll need to work on.

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