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Sleep Deprivation – It’s real

Mum life is everything I wanted it to be. I’m truly blessed. I’ve a beautiful healthy baby girl, an amazing supportive husband and even the white little dog to go with it.

To be honest – I couldn’t wish for more.

There’s just this one trying, hard, consuming thing that I find difficult – sleep deprivation. Everyone spoke of it but I had no idea that I would feel so numb and unable to function. It is EXACTLY like every mum before me made it out to be. My head is so heavy, I find it difficult to climb the stairs, I don’t even remember if I have showered today.


This is a world I’ve never experienced before.

I often find myself just blankly staring into a world of nothing. Perhaps I don’t have the energy to relax into a mellow sleep now. It’s past that.

I am alert incase the baby wakes screaming, as she does every thirty mins – 24/7 at the moment, I’m just here with my eyes open and mind numb.


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